Monday, 6 July 2009

The romance-writing diary and the first KISS dilemma

For the next couple of posts I'll share with you several entries from a romance writing diary I kept back in 2004. It was at the suggestion of a friend, who thought it might encourage me to write. How embarrassing.

Here's an entry:
I must get started. I have reached a crucial stage of my novel where the hero and heroine may or may not kiss face.

The first kiss must contain all the romantic elements - surprise, sexual tension, realism and that most palpable sensation of lips pressed to lips (no tongues yet).

I'm so nervous. I must get this right. I refer to the bible -Valerie Parv's The Art of Romance Writing.

I look up Kiss in the index. It's not there. All I find is First person and below it Forced sex. I go to the contents. Under the heading Sense and sensuality I find Sensual tension checkpoints.

Valerie writes that I've got to work on creating a scene that so involves the reader that they can 'see, hear, feel, even smell, all that the heroine does, vicariously experiencing the heroine's reactions to the hero and what they mean to her'.

She doesn't give a rundown on how to make it to that first flesh-on-flesh experience. I'll have to work out the finer details on my own.

To be continued...

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Anita Joy said...

Very brave Shayne - look forward to reading your posts.