Thursday, 23 April 2009

Not that I like to brag... Mollymook ocean swim part 2

See this pic? It was taken by Mr Ocean Swims during the Mollymook 2009 Ocean Classic. As he comments on his website, this is what it was like for the 175 swimmers who completed the 2km event.

Un-bloody-real! If I had seen this photo before the swim I never would have done it.

And in my last blog on this very swim I wrote about my swimming mate. Turns out she's 67 years old. Gawd blimey! What a woman. She is my hero.

He he he... just one more thing, Davo beat me into the beach but I beat him on handicap!

For more info and feedback on the Mollymook Beach swim and ocean swimming in general (and specific) go to the bible -
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Anonymous said...

Davo will have to train...