Wednesday, 3 February 2010

One, two, three - four metre swells, work and writing life

1. For the past couple of years the swell has been dirty and dangerous around early to mid-February. I know this because for the past two years the organisers of the Cole Classic have been faced with dangerous conditions, which have forced them to move the swim from the traditional South Steyne (Manly) to the sheltered Shelley/Shelly (is there an 'e' in it or not?) Beach, just around the corner (check out map above).

Today the swell at Sydney beaches was 4 metres and reports claim many surf beaches will be closed to swimmers tomorrow.

I wonder what conditions will be like on Sunday for this year's Cole Classic, which is to start at Shelley and finish at Manly? Wait and see.

2. I've been at work meetings this week in preparation for my return to the coal face next week, but I haven't yet got my act together. This is because of 3.

3. I've been writing, getting together my entry for the RWA's First Kiss comp and also, foolishly, taking on a challenge to write a book in three months (that won't be possible, but I'll try to nut out the bare bones).

This is just another unpleasant example of how work gets in the way of life.


Anita Joy said...

Shayne, good luck on Sunday. I hope the swell turns out to be a gentle roll. Oh, and at least work pays the bills *grin*.

But you might be surprised with how you go during Paula's three months. With heaps of us doing it and supporting one another... at least, that is what I am hoping.

Shayne said...

Mmm, we'll see. Thanks for the optimism. I need a good dose of it right now.


Sandie Hudson said...

Hey Shayne,
Good luck for Sunday, I hope the conditions are in your favour.

I'm with Anita, you may well be surprised at what you achieve. I'm so pleased to see so many Bootcamper 109 doing this, it will be fun to see how we all go.

Fingers crossed for you for Sunday.

Shayne said...

Thanks Sandie. I think it's time for Bootcampers 109 to galvanise (love that word).