Thursday, 21 October 2010

I'm on my way: from pantser to plodder to plotter


For the past two weeks I've spent a couple of hours every Friday at my friend Ms Fivestar's office, where I have managed to bang out a couple of thousand words of my latest WIP.

Ms Fivestar works with her business partner Mrs LOL, so there's lots of chit-chat and takeaway flat-whites
before I start to rock and write.

I love it. I still get stuff done, which wouldn't happen at home where there are distractions such as layers of dust, grimy pots and pans in the sink and at least three loads of washing. 

All that can wait... 

And in the space of two weeks I've learnt an invaluable lesson. I need to do more plotting. It's not just enough to go to Ms Fivestar's office and knock out the words. I really need to sit down and consider where my story is heading before I get to the next bit. 

So today, in preparation for tomorrow, I've created a framework for my story. It's no longer so free-form and a series of scenes floating around in my head. I'm also finishing off the synopsis. It might change as I write, but at least I have some structure to my story.

BTW, Ms Fivestar and Mrs LOL's office is no ordinary work space. It's an old warehouse (it might have even been barn or stables, that's how old it is) that's been converted into six offices, each with a mezzanine level. It's light and airy - and there's a cafe downstairs!

I've got the life. I just hope they don't start charging me to use the space!

PS: Pic is of daily offering to Hindu gods in Bali. I'm thinking of starting up this practice at home, just because it's a lovely ritual.


Sandie Hudson said...

Hey Shayne,
I know what you mean about plotting, I've been doing a lot of that lately. Now I just hope I can transfer the plotting into the story. LOL.

I love the sound of your special place.

Anita Joy said...

OMG Shayne, that sounds like a perfect place to write!! I wish I had somewhere besides home to work. No house or family distractions *sigh* so jealous.

Shayne said...

Hi Sandie
Yes, that's the problem. I have done the plot, but now I have to write the story!

Hi Anita,
It is just so nice. We talk for ages, and even though I end up only working for a couple of hours it's better than the ZERO hours I'd get done at home.