Sunday, 13 March 2011

Swimming in Sydney Harbour

Just before I jumped into Sydney Harbour today I asked the wetsuit-attired bloke with the loudspeaker if there were any scuba divers down below looking out for sharks and protecting the swimmers above. He told me there were two "and me".

I did sort of wonder why he wasn't down there too, but there was no time to ask. He had an important job to do. I had to accept that if the sharks were hungry, two divers with electric prods/sonar devices/whatever (and possibly as portly as their land-lubbing mate) weren't going to make much difference.

Today's event was the 10th anniversary of Sydney Harbour swim. This is my fourth time and, despite the hefty $55 entry fee (please explain), it's a swim I love. My daughter Precious Princess (PP) was my swimming mate today because Davo is still recuperating from a broken wrist. 

Just before she jumped into the harbour with the other 14-19 year olds who started in the first wave, PP confided that she needed to do a "piddle". 

"Darls, it's too late now. There's only one place to go." I pointed her in the right direction, all the while thinking about those stories of surfers who've been chomped after pissing in their wetsuits. 

Que sera sera. 

The 500-odd participants in the 2 km swim followed this delightful course - out from the Sydney Opera House, across to Mrs Macquarie's Chair, in to Farm Cove and back to the Man O' War Steps at THE HOUSE. I've said it before, but it's an incredible feeling to turn to breathe and out of the corner of your eye, glimpse one of Sydney's iconic buildings. It makes me feel happy.   

I still think this swim is a shorter distance than the advertised 2 km, but I'm quite happy to accept a faster than usual time.

The weather was perfect SUN SUN SUN and the water warm and silken.

PP survived and was there to greet me at the end of the swim.

Afterwards we hung around in the hope we'd win a prize in the raffle. We didn't.  

But hey, who needs a raffle prize when life is this good.   

PS: It seems that almost every week I'm sending out my sympathetic thoughts to those people affected by devastating natural disasters. This week it's to the people of Japan. My heart goes out to you. 

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