Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Ocean swim on Sunday: Bondi Bluewater Challenge

Just when you think it's time to get out of the water along comes another ocean swim.

This weekend's 2.1 km bolt at Bondi should've happened in April but was cancelled because of rough conditions. At the time, I was on the NSW south coast at Mollymook where wild surf on Saturday calmed down just in time for the annual ocean swim on Sunday.

Sydney weather has had a chilly edge to it for the past week. I've been wearing my overcoat and scarf to work. I'm sniffly, sneezy and over the seasonal change already. Bring back summer!

Today's surf is mean and nasty, with a Bureau of Meteorology warning to avoid swimming because of dangerous surf conditions. 

So, what's the prediction for Sunday? 

Seabreeze reckons conditions will be mild, with a half-metre swell and light winds. BOM has a minimum temperature of 13 and a maximum of 22. 

It's looking good, so I guess I have to get back in the pool (I've had a cold, so that's a good excuse to be slack) and do some laps before Sunday. 

An ocean swimmer's work is never done.

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Richard said...

Officially the last swim of this season, See you there.
Water will be a little cool, so swim fast to stay warm
Presentations and festivities in the Bondi Surf Club afterwards should be fun.