Tuesday, 4 October 2011

A long weekend on the NSW South Coast

A long weekend of rain, howling winds and more rain. Still, nothing can dampen your enthusiasm when on Friday, at dusk, you spot a whale and its calf passing through Mollymook on the NSW South Coast on the way to the Antarctic. As mamma whale does a dive her tail rises above the water for the benefit of those landlubbers watching from the rocks.

Saturday's highlight was dinner with sister Ms Nobull at Rick Stein's restaurant at Bannister's. And Sunday's was heading out for a walk after spotting a sunny spot in the sky. As soon as we were on our way the rain bucketed down.

What a feeling! 

Back in Sydney reality bites.


Anonymous said...

all you needed was a blind dog on that rainy walk and it would be perfect. Notch up appearance 1 for Ms Nobull

Anonymous said...

Dad will be happy about you going to Rick Stein'...