Wednesday, 25 February 2009

She's a man-eater... wish you never ever met her at all

Those pesky tabloid journos are at it again.

This time they're floating about on Sydney Harbour hauling in bull sharks by the dozen. Or that's what they'd like you to think. Talk about a beat up.

Mrs BS was going about her business yesterday, opting for kingfish over human flesh, when a fisherman hired by The Daily Telegraph reeled her in. The scary pic on the Tele's front page (where was the photographer when he took that photo?) is accompanied by the headline:

GOTCHA! EXCLUSIVE: Sydney Harbour, 1.15pm. How we caught a man-eater

What a relief! I can now confidently enter the Sydney Harbour Ocean Swim this Sunday, safe in the knowledge that Mrs BS's culinary preferences don't extend to females.

She's a man-eater!

Because of the extended media coverage of the shark story - there have been two shark attacks in Sydney in the past month - the harbour swim organisers have taken extra precautions and have doubled the number of underwater patrol persons to six and have stationed observers at three spots around the course - Mrs Macquarie's Point, Farm Cove and Pinchgut.

Personally, I am pleased there's extra sharkbait in the water but I don't know how much the divers can see down there. It's murky on a clear day. I pray it doesn't rain the night before.

I'm more sceptical about the shark spotters. Imagine it, the swim is in full swing with several hundred swimmers thrashing about when the guy at Mrs Macquarie's Point thinks he sees a fin in what is already a melee!
Too late, methinks.

But hey, what's life without risks?

Having said that, I hope the boofy blokes go first.

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