Thursday, 14 May 2009

Top 5 swimming pools in Sydney continued...

You're never far from a swimming pool in Sydney, though I reckon you'd be hard-pressed to find one in, say, India or Singapore (I've thrown this in for the Indian and Singaporean bloggers who've obviously accidentally stumbled across Shayne's world).

Here in the land of the way-too-tanned, we're spoilt for choice. This brings me to the last 2 pools in my Top 5 pools and aquatic centres in Sydney:

5. Leichhardt Park Aquatic Centre. This 50-metre heated outdoor pool in Sydney's inner-west is open all-year-round. I occasionally swim here with Mr and Mrs Snorkel, and we have a fine old time doing our laps during the less frantic part of the day - from around 9am-12pm on weekdays.
The pool is heavily used during the summer months, so it's wise to check lane availability. But in autumn when the blow-ins drop off it's a peaceful place, located as it is on the edge of the park with views to Iron Cove. Parking is free and it's $6.20 entry. In September, a new 'state-of-the-art' (what does that mean? Sounds like 'lack of imagination') facility is opening that features a 16-metre indoor pool (too short!) and gymnasium. There's a cafe, but why would you bother when cafe heaven - Norton Street - is just up the road?

6. Macquarie University Sport & Aquatic Centre, North Ryde. Give me a pool among the gum trees... this is it. If you can be bothered travelling the 16 kilometres from the CBD, this pool is worth it. The complex is new - there's a gym and a shorter indoor pool as well as the 50-metre outdoor pool heated to a toasty 27 degrees Celsius in the cooler months.
This is perfect for wimps like me, who don't mind swimming in a warm bath.
The parking is free for the first two hours, but you must get a ticket from one of only two machines (that I could see) because the parking police are vigilant. At only $4.50 entry, this is the cheapest of the top 5. A small price to pay to splash around surrounded by neatly mown lawns and Eucalypts.

If you can think of any other pools that are worth a mention, drop me a line.

Love youse all. Blog on. XXX

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