Friday, 8 May 2009

What's in a name change: on blogs and vanity

I recently changed the name of the hero in my romance novel, and this morning I changed my blog title.

There are two reasons for the title change. Vanity is the first. Now I have a Clustr (where's the 'e'?) map I know how many people are visiting the blog and which country they're from.

And I am really excited (pathetic really) to see readers dropping by from the USA, Canada and India (India???? They must have hooked into the 'romance', couldn't have been the swimming).

Of course, I was flattered - it doesn't take much. And I can see, all to clearly now, how the megalomaniac personality develops! It starts with a blog!

The second reason for the change was that Shayne's World sounds like Wayne's World. Mmm... looks good, feels right.

As for the hero in my work in progress (wip), I initially exchanged the name 'Robbie' for 'Connor' but that didn't work for me. So, for the time being he's called 'Chase'. God knows why. It's sort of alpha male, I guess.

Back to the drawing board.

And welcome WORLD... the whole 35 of you.