Tuesday, 20 October 2009

A blue shark in Sydney Harbour at Rushcutters Bay and another in Glebe

A blue shark. Sounds romantic or possibly sad and lonely, does it not?

But this is a shark species, and one of these creatures was spotted recently at the Cruising Yacht Club of Australia marina (in about one metre of water) at Rushcutters Bay.

Fishing expert David Lockwood says the 2-metre long shark was off course and is usually oceanic.

In the boatie magazine Afloat, Lockwood writes: 'As this species isn't averse to eating whatever crosses its path, inluding many sailors from navy battles, I'd keep your dogs away from the shoreline for a while at least.'

Comforting words as the ocean-swimming season swings into action!

This follows on from a report in The Sydney Morning Herald on September 17, where a shark was spotted swimming along the Glebe foreshore in the direction of Anzac Bridge (bottom pic). Witnesses say it could possibly be a bull shark. However, in the story a witness described its colour as a 'beautiful blue'.

Could be old Bluey's just out for a turn around the harbour.

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