Monday, 30 November 2009

Tony Abbott poses in his budgie smugglers and it's not a pretty sight

I mean, seriously. Would you vote for this man?
Liberal Party MEMBER Tony Abbott was at Queenscliff beach on Sunday when the media approached him to reveal if he was LEFT or RIGHT.
I think it's just wrong.
At an ocean racing event, most men wear dark-coloured budgie smugglers to reveal as little defintion as possible (except for that bloke at Coogee on Sunday wearing white sluggos - not a good look mate).
Generally, it's all tres discreet. The old fellas are packed tight and outa sight.
But Mr Abbott, a conservative pollie who once considered becoming a priest and is now at the fore(skin)front of the global warming sceptics, seems happy to flaunt his gonads to all and sundry.
And if you look closely at this pic, not too close as it might cause dizziness and nausea, you may notice that Mr Abbott appears to be holding in his tummy and puffing out his chest.
Here's a dare to anyone who's game. Put in a call to Mr Abbott's electoral office tomorrow and ask for I.C. Wiener and Mike Rotch.
The moral of this story is that pollies should keep their lollies in the bag and behind the counter.
This pic is from The Australian newspaper)


jenn j mcleod said...

Pollies are always hiding something, although some better than others. Thx for sharing Shayne

Anita Joy said...

Shayne, Shayne, Shayne. You had to go and put all those images in my head now, didn't you. Thanks :(

Carol said...