Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Goals and resolutions for 2010

I dunno about goals and resolutions. Eg: will not say the 'F' word, will not drink alcohol, will not eat butter and cream, will not be mean to 'L' platers, will not get pool rage at swimmers who should be in the SLOW lane - mostly men - but choose the MEDIUM lane, etc...

But here goes:

My combined GOALS and RESOLUTIONS FOR 2010 (glad to be into double digits, so much more comfy, and doesn't 'noughties' suck? Who made that up?)

1. To still be on the planet and fully (or full) compos mentis in 2011

2. To be nicer (to some people). Definition of nicer: smile and wave politely when a Beemer driver ignores your indicator and doesn't let you change lanes

3. To be civil to my mother-in-law and forgive her her evil mother-in-law ways

4. To write a f%#@**$* book that I think is half OK (*still working on New Year's resolution #1)

5. To write a book the planet loves

6. To be nicer to Spanner... maybe not that much nicer

7. To swim lots

8. To relax - breathe in, breathe out, now do it again slowly

9. To be kind to ants - I am the ant killer. When I knock on Heaven's door, 20 million angel ants

will protest my admission

10. To revel in the f**%$#@* amazing life I've been given

Happy NEw YeaR to EveryONE and may all your goals and resolutions be achieved.

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Eleni Konstantine said...

Shayne - LOL - love your goals. Hope you have a fantastic 2010!