Thursday, 24 December 2009

A Merry Christmas tree story

Last night Miss Hissy, the dog and I strolled to the local reserve and decorated a small She Oak with a bit of tinsel.

There's a stand of She Oaks on the hill near the bay. Our tree is down the bottom of the hill with a few others that have sprouted from the mature trees' seed.

We would have decorated it earlier, but the weather has been ferociously hot. Every night it's threatened to storm but then the dark menacing clouds have moved on.

I penned a poem and stuck it on the tree. Here it is:

Please respect this heartfelt plea
Don't nick the tinsel from the tree
Just watch it sparkle in the sun
Bringing joy to everyone
It's been a hard and stressful year
So, let this tree bring some good cheer
We wish you a Christmas filled with joy
Every woman, man, girl and boy
Take a moment, enjoy the glitter
Forget about Facebook, abandon Twitter
Live life to the fullest, always have a kind heart
And may 2010 bring you and yours a brand new start.

Merry Christmas everyone.


jenn j mcleod said...

That's beautiful. We did a similar thing - well not really. On a budget this year, so we had our eye on a little planting that was slowly poking it's way through a weed infested roadside culvert near our house. We were going to sneak out one night, dig it up and plant it in a pot so we could grow it for future Christmases. Can you believe someone cut it down 5 days ago and dumped it with a whole lot of other tree waste. So we carted it home and stuck it in a bucket. It didn't die so we decorated it, treasured it, and pretended it smelled of pine.

Shayne said...

You must nurture this tree!

It's a good omen or, as Miss Hissy suggested, a prophecy.

Merry Merry.


Anita Joy said...

That's lovely Shayne.

We passed a decorated tree when we left on hols. Made us smile. I'm sure yours will do the same.

Eleni Konstantine said...

That's cool Shayne. Hope you had a lovely Christmas.

Shayne said...

Thanks Eleni

You too!