Wednesday, 10 March 2010

My story made it into the RWA Little Gems Topaz short story anthology

Hey! Occasionally, I write stuff.

Like romantic fiction.

I say 'occasionally' because lately I haven't had time to scratch myself let alone sit down and work on my ms, which is in dire need of revision.

But yesterday I arrived home from work to a huge surprise. I was trawling through my emails when I saw one with the subject line: Little Gems. Being the eternal pessimist, I opened all my other messages first.

I clicked on the last email with a feeling of detachment (sorry - that's telling, not showing). To cut a long story short, the short story I entered in the 2010 RWA Little Gems contest has made it into the anthology.

I cried (more telling). My eyes filled and tears spilled onto the computer keyboard as I read and reread the message from the contest coordinator (that's better, although it's an exaggeration. I shed a few tears and dragged the family away from their favourite TV show My Kitchen Rules and made them read the email with me).

The contest coordinator wrote: 'Your story has gained a place in The Little Gems Topaz Anthology.'

Of the 59 stories entered, 14 were chosen (judged) for publication.

I was more relieved than anything else (bloody telling again). I liked my story and considered it good enough to make the cut. If it hadn't, I think I would have seriously thought about letting go of the dream.

But now I have the boost I need to carry on.

As if the world needs another writer!

PS: Congratulations to my fellow Bootcamp 109ers, Jenn (who read my story and offered wise advice) and Fiona (who is celebrating her third Little Gems victory). Oh, and thanks to my other lovely booty cat girls - Anita, Mon and Shell, for their invaluable feedback.

PPS: This is the 2010 Little Gems cover, designed by Helen Katsinis. My story title Finders Keepers will appear on the list on the back cover.


Anita Joy said...

Yayayayay Shayne. Well done m'dear. Hope you bring a nice shiny new pen to conference to autograph my copy :o)

Shayne said...

You're quick!!! And you're everywhere at once. How do you do it?

Sandie Hudson said...

WOOHOO Shayne, Congratulations.

jenn j mcleod said...

Ha Ha, I approach comp results with the same 'oh yeah, another better luck next time' email. Wasn't this a nice surprise. I'm so glad this win has given you a boost. I've always beena fan of your writing. thrilled to be i your company.

Anonymous said...

Congrats, Shayne.
I follow your blog and I'm so happy for you. Well Done!! Don't give up on your dream, you're obviously doing something right. :)
Can't wait to buy a copy.

Fiona G said...

Shayne, you star. Look at the Bootcampers go! I am so very proud of you and I can't wait to read your story. We should try for a Little Gems photo this year at conference.

Shayne said...

Thanks everybody!

And hi Tamara.

Love youse all.


Anonymous said...

topaz! could be yellow, red, pink or blue. Who knew?

Shayne said...

Is that you Davo? And it was blue. I looked it up. I thought topaz was a golden-brown colour, but it can be all the colours you mentioned and clear, too.