Friday, 5 March 2010

What ought one to do? Or Why is my life such a mess?

'What ought one to do?' Socrates posed this question and it forms the basis for the study of ethics. Do I sound intellectual? Well, that's about as much as I know about the subject.

However, every so often I find myself facing an ethical dilemma. Usually, this occurs in relation to my working life and it usually has something to do with my inability to say 'no' to a request, my fears about ending up on the pension with a diet of tinned cat food (possibly better than dried?) and my concerns about letting people down. Also, I procrastinate a lot.

I'm now in a situation, not dissimilar to last year, where I'm working harder than I would like and am therefore finding it hard to indulge in my two favourite pastimes - swimming and writing.

The question is, do I quit one of my jobs? The answer is easy. Yes.

But when? And what of the consequences for my work mates who are relying on me?

Did I also mention I'm a coward who hates confrontation?

Maybe I'll just go get a cuppa and think about it some more...
Better still, squeeze in a swim!


Anita Joy said...

Shayne, I'm learning the hard (and long) way, that sometimes you just have to put yourself first, after all, it's probably what your workmates would do in the same situation. So consider your 2 jobs based on income, enjoyment, time management and job satisfaction. If one scores higher - choice made. Good luck m'dear.

Shayne said...

Thanks Anita. That's just what I've done! Who needs money when there's such an array of cat food to be et.