Monday, 5 April 2010

A 'lurking' shark forces the cancellation of the Tamarama to Clovelly ocean swim

Since when do sharks 'lurk'?

According to the ABC Local website headline, a 'lurking shark' brought today's TamaCloey 2.5 km Cliff-side Odyssey to 'an abrupt end' midway through the event.

I didn't enter this swim, which turned out to be a good thing.

Depending on which online news source you read, there was

a) one sighting of one shark
b) three shark sightings (does that mean sightings of three sharks or was the same shark spotted three times?)
c) multiple shark sightings.

Not one of the reports identified the shark species, its size or mentioned how the creature came to be 'lurking'. Apparently, it was having a smoko off Bronte Beach, which is midway between Tamarama and Clovelly. I guess the Sharkster was, like a patron at a Chinese seafood restaurant, checking out the fish tank before settling on his preferred hors d'oeuvre.

The media also reported on the six foot/1.8 metre sets breaking at Tamarama and a rip, which made conditions difficult for swimmers from the outset.

Lots of disgruntled punters are venting on They claim the swim is elitist because it grades swimmers according to their average time (not age), and that the cancellation is less about sharks and more about concerns over the weaker/slower swimmers getting into trouble in the challenging conditions.

I'd still like to see a shark lurk - from a safe distance.

PS: photo from The Sydney Morning Herald

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