Monday, 12 April 2010

Mollymook Beach Ocean Classic: the long and the short of it

It's not about the swim. What counts is everything that contributes to the experience.

So it was with Mollymook. For me, the highlights of the weekend were:

1. Friday night Mexican dinner at Pilgrims in Milton with my sister, my youngest daughter and my two nephews

2. Falling asleep to the sound of the surf

3. Daughter Miss Hissy and nephew Little Prince's surfing lesson with surfing legend Pam Burridge (god knows why this woman isn't a national treasure)

4. Swimming out to and back from the islet (rock) at Narawallee with my sister

5. Boogie boarding at Narawallee with my partner Spanner (who hardly ever goes in the water and hardly ever comes to see me do an ocean swim)

6. Cruising the charity shops in Ulladulla with my sister, and nabbing several bargains

7. Watching RocKwiz with my sister on Saturday night

8. Watching the kids feed the lorikeets on the verandah on Sunday morning before the swim

9. Seeing my nephew run up the beach at the end of the 500 metre swim

10. Standing at the starting line for the main swim with Davo and Miss Hissy, who was doing her first 2 km event

11. Running (stumbling) out of the surf at south Mollymook with a fellow swimmer, who insisted I cross the finish line before him

12. Seeing Miss Hissy and Spanner after the swim - just before I spewed up a bucket of sea water.

The top pic is of the 500 metre swim start; bottom pic is Pam Burridge with Little Prince and Miss Hissy

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Anita Joy said...

Sounds wonderful Shayne. Hope it left you feeling refreshed and ready to face the *real* world again.