Sunday, 9 May 2010

Cry me an ocean: the season is over

After the swim at Byron Bay last week, I felt bereft. The NSW ocean swimming season '09/10 has come and gone in a huge fantastic wave. And now it's come crashing down.

I think Davo and I swam at some beach somewhere almost every weekend over summer. Of course, we're not as mad as some eejits, who clock up a swim for every week of the season, no matter how far they have to travel. Some of them must spend a fortune and organise their lives around ocean swims.

I'm not that gone - yet.

It's autumn in Sydney, and though that doesn't mean much today because it's bloody hot out there in the sun, towards August the weather cools down and the winter blues kick in with gusto.

To help ease the misery, there's a swim in June on the northern beaches at Mona Vale (MV). Last year's inaugural MV Cold Water Classic was a wipe-out, literally, for me. The weather was dreadful (very UK) and the ocean was a dark churning presence. I got dumped on the way in and lost my goggles, so I got my first DNF (did not finish).

When you think about it, June's not that far off. Life is rushing away from me at the speed of light.

Happy Mother's Day to all the gorgeous mums around the world. And cheers to those who dip their toes in the deep blue sea.


Richard said...

It sounds like we had similar experiences this year. I also really enjoyed this season of swimming. Although I must admit I am pleased to see the end of it, I was getting rather tired after all that swimming. Next season will be much more selective about swims, I'll be targeting a couple longer swims. See you at at Mona Vale next month.

Shayne said...

Hi Richard,
I've been following your blog and you have far more stamina than I.


Anita Joy said...

I think I'll follow your lead from your comment on Sandie's blog.... 'no comment' (and you get the context!) :)

Shayne said...

Thanks Anita. I'm a bit slow ( like a lot slow) but I think I get it!

Shayne said...

Thanks Anita. I'm a bit slow ( like a lot slow) but I think I get it!