Sunday, 18 July 2010

Don't worry about the 'ranga', just check out the slender Friar Tuck

When the Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard named an official election date on the weekend, she was wearing a cream suit, pearls and a fresh red rinse through her sleek bob.

In 'Orstrarlia' we call redheads 'rangas' (after the orangutan with its distinctive reddish coat). In the olden days it was the more complimentary 'carrot top', 'Ginger Meggs' (after the cartoon character) or 'bluey'.

Julia's red hair has been a hot topic of conversation since she became PM three weeks ago. If she'd been a man, nowhere near as much attention would be paid to her hair colour or hair style.

To make matters worse, Julia's partner Tim Mathieson just happens to be a former hairdresser. No doubt he was adding the finishing touches to a colour, cut, wash and blow dry (no innuendo intended) as the plane they were on touched down in Canberra on Saturday prior to the election announcement.

Thing is, no one ever mentions male politicians' hair. When KRudd was PM my sister noted that he was about as interesting as his hair.

Why was it that my perceptive sister was the only person to notice poor old KRudd's flyaway, pale hair? And my sister and I both agreed he had it coloured - often his whispy locks looked too sunkissed to be real.

And here's breaking news... The federal Opposition leader Tony Abbott (aka Mad Monk - MM) has thinning hair. No one's broached this controversial topic yet (maybe because most of the country's political commentators are men).

What MM does to draw attention away from his hair (and this is just a theory I'm tossing around) is add product to the front and comb his hair forward so his fringe looks thicker. But if you look at the crown of his head you'll notice the 'Friar Tuck effect'.

Yep, there's a distinct crop circle atop the Shadow PM's nob. It's a shame he can't take some of the hair that covers his torso and implant it on his dome. Or, why not follow the lead of a legion of balding men, including Peter Garrett. Shave it all off.

If MM loses the August 21 election he could always get a gig with Ashley Martin. It earnt Shane Warne a heap.
PS: It's hard to find a photo of the top and back of MM's head. Every chance he gets, he covers up. If it's not a hospital cap, it's a swimming cap or bicycle helmet. Ah, so that's why he's into sport!


Mon said...

I wish we had better politicians to choose from. There isn't anyone who really inspires me to vote *sigh*.

Shayne said...

Mon, we could run as a team!

Mon said...

I've always said you should be able to take the day off on your birthday, or the next working day, without penalty. How does that sound as the first policy for the 'MoSh' party? (I could have said ShMo, but MoSh sounds like we're a fun 'party', if ya know what I mean?! Lol).

Shayne said...

Let's talk it over at the conference. I reckon we're on to something BIG. And I will let you go first.