Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Reasons to be cheerful: part 1

I am so sick of winter. But doesn't that sound so selfish when I have nothing else to complain about (except Spanner)?

I mean, half the world is either on fire or drowning in massive floods. What's my bloody problem?

But summer is around the corner and before you know it the swimming season will be in full swing. I checked out my ocean swims calendar and on September 5 there's a swim at Burleigh Heads in Queensland (can't make that one). On October 16, the first swim of the season I might be able to do is at Forresters Beach in NSW.

For now, I'll have to make do with checking out the surf at Coogee over the weekend of the RWA conference.

In the next two months I'll have to work on losing some kilos! I've grown love handles and other fatty deposits over the colder months.

I am a seal - not a walrus - and so smooth and sleek with my fatty winter coat that I will make perfect shark bait if I don't get active.

PS: My next post will be a report on the conference, which runs for three days - and nights! Romance writers know how to party! I'll postpone the diet until Monday.


Richard said...

Look out for the winter swimmers at Coogee saturday morning. There should be a swell on the weekend, so it will be fun.

Congratulations in improving your insulation and buoyancy in the off-season, we serious open water swimmers need all the help we can get in the cold water.

Shayne said...

Hi Richard,
Trouble is, I'm not serious enough!


Anita Joy said...

Lol Shayne - having just helped you add to those deposits over the weekend I have to say you are hiding them well :)