Sunday, 5 September 2010

Eat, play, drink: I'm off to Bali

I'm going to Bali. Not with my family but with my friend Ms Fivestar.

Some people might consider it selfish to race off to Indonesia when Miss Hissy (Hiss) is struggling to the end of term 3 at school and Precious Princess (PP) is talking about dropping part of her double university degree.

But I think it's a sensible option that will keep me sane.

I asked both Hiss and Spanner if they wanted to have an adventure holiday with me and they said "no". Miss Hissy's excuse was the sailing season had just started and she didn't want to miss two weekends. Spanner didn't have an excuse. I'll never figure that man out. But maybe that's a good thing.

PP - who recently told me her calling is hip-hop - was keen, but I shouted her the trip to Uluru last year and wasn't about to offer another all expenses-paid trip.

So, it's me and Ms Fivestar looking for all the world like a couple of middle-aged eccentric lesbians (that's what everyone will think and I don't bloody care) romping around Bali seeking our inner something-or-other.

I don't intend to go on a self-indulgent romp like Elizabeth Gilbert. I'd rather climb a volcano, ride a bike through a rice paddy and do a day-spa. Oh, and eat. Lots. And down cocktails on the beach at sunset.

Spanner is such a bastard.

Hopefully, I'll get the chance to post while I'm away.

Until then, bon voyage to me.


Anita Joy said...

Shayne, have a blast!! hugs AJ x

Carol F said...

I have no doubt you could do better than Elizabeth Gilbert in your sleep...I hope you do plenty of that in Ubud!

Shayne said...

I love youse guys.

Thanks. I'll try to party for every day of my life!

Mon said...

Have fun, Shayne! Can't wait to see some lovely pics when you get back.

:-) Mon