Friday, 3 September 2010

Father's Day must have been invented by men

I always have a good old chuckle when Father's Day rolls around. Because, as women know, every day is father's day.

As I suspected, Father's Day came after Mother's Day. It was thought up by some duck in Spokane, USA (where else) in honour of her father.

But I prefer to think that digruntled blokes lobbied for their own special day.

Here's the conversation that led to its creation:

Trev: Geez mate, the missus gets a day off. But what about us?
Gazza: Mate, I reckon we deserve some sort of recognition for all the stuff we do.

*There is silence. Trev and Gazza have a scratch and contemplate their schooners.*

Trev: What do we do?
Gazza: Well, last night I sit down with little Jay and we watch The Simpsons. The whole episode.
Trev: Mate, that's beautiful.
Gazza: And yourself, mate?
Trev: Yeah, well... The missus is about to take out the garbage and I say, 'Let me do that love.' I mean, I'm on my way out anyway. No wuckin forries.
Gazza: Mate, you're a deadset legend.
Trev: Mate, aren't we all?

And that's how it came to pass that Father's Day was instituted as a national day to recognise the hard yakka that goes into being a dad and a hubby in AUSTRALIA, land of the friggin' free ride for every bloke with breath left in his lungs.

Some years ago I gave Spanner this fantastic card for Father's Day by a cartoonist called Naf. It features a paunchy, balding man wearing a jumper and plaid slacks. He is standing next to a vacuum cleaner and punching his fists in the air in a sign of victory. His wife is seated on the lounge with a book. She looks less than impressed.

The caption reads: 'John turned off the vacuum and waited for his medal.'

For me, that sums up Father's Day.

Enjoy Sunday. You know who'll be doing all the hard yakka!


Richard said...

Are you sure you're not a bloke ?

Shayne said...

Hi Richard,
Yep - just checked. I've just lived with a couple too many.


Anita Joy said...

ROFL Shayne, that is so true *wink*.

Mind you, we don't really do anything for either day - 'cept let the kidlets make toast which the lucky parent then has to eat and enjoy *grin* - might get better when they are older.

Shayne said...

Spanner gets nothing in the way of food until he makes me a coffee.

Enjoy the toast!