Sunday, 10 April 2011

Balmoral Swim for Children's Cancer Institute Australia

The sun spread its warmth over Sydney during the morning of the 35th Balmoral Swim. In the afternoon, the Southerly kicked in and the weather turned wet and miserable.

So, as you can see from the pics, the organisers and 886 participants of this 1 kilometre swim were blessed to get such a spectacular first half of the day. When the the party was over the rain clouds moved in.

I didn't think I'd enjoy it because of the crowd, but I loved this swim. Flat, short, pure harbour water and nothing to worry about except leaky goggles and a head butt from a fellow swimmer. 

You're never out of the peloton in this swim, which is another thing I like about it. In many swims I feel a bit lonely because the rest of the pack escapes from me (poor li'l ol' me). But today I was in the thick of it. I did a decent time and finished 6th out of the 49 or so women in my age group. Woo Hoo.

Eldest daughter Precious Princess (PP) came along for the ride and finished 6th in her age group. Not bad for a chick who only swims twice a week - if that. 

PP's boyfriend did his first ever ocean swim and lost his boardies (we didn't have time to buy him budgie smugglers). Nonetheless, he came out grinning (with boardies pulled back on over undies).

Thank goodness my time was faster than his.

The next swim is this coming weekend at Mollymook on the NSW South Coast.



Richard said...

Well done, Those are good stats - overall and in your category. Looks like the training in pool squads is paying off.
You've done a lot of swimming this season.
Why not surprise yourself with a leisurely swim from Coogee to Bondi on Easter Monday?
I reckon you would get it easily.

Shayne said...

Ha! You are mad.