Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Hands above your head and do the '96

Occasionally on this blog I post stories about family life. And recently I wrote about 'the boob job'.

Afterwards, I didn't give much thought to this short story about my youngest daughter's horrified reaction to seeing her mother's sagging breasts. I mean, who cares about some white middle-class, middle-aged suburban woman with nothing better to do than blog about her boobs?

But then my eldest daughter Precious Princess (PP) told me her friend, who's a swimming coach (let's call him The Coach), read my blog post and embraced the moral to the story. 

If you missed the post, here's the gist of it: my youngest daughter The Hiss was appalled at the sight of my saggy breasts, which she glimpsed as I hopped out of the shower. When she retreated, I lifted my arms above my head and observed my boobs in the the mirror. They looked magnificent - just the way they looked in 1996, the year The Hiss was born. 

Back to the present. The Coach teaches young children how to swim. He now has a new term he uses to encourage his pupils to stretch their arms above their heads and glide into the water. He calls it the '96. 

The Coach, raising his arms above his head: "What do I want you to do now?"
The children, raising their arms above their heads: "The '96!"

And how they glide!


Anita Joy said...

ROTFL!! Who'd've thought you'd be immortalised like that, Shayne?

Q: how did he explain it to his young students?

Shayne said...

That I do not know. I'll have to ask my daughter.

I think he just told them that the arms above head position was called the '96 and they accepted that. But he should be prepared for the question: "Why is it called the '96?"