Friday, 24 June 2011

Gotta whoel lotta love (meeeeeeew) gotta whole lotta love (meeeeeeew): off to ByronBay AGAIN

Today I'm off to Byron Bay to celebrate the life and times of Ms Fivestar, who turns SPECIAL tomorrow when she hits life's halfway mark.

Now, to you the definition of halfway may differ from mine. Used to be that mid-life was around 40, and if you talk to my daughters it's more like 25.

It's funny how we view the world when we're young.

I do remember my sex education teacher (that's what they called it back then) in high school, Mrs Grey (or was it Day?). She would sit and explain to us the intricacies of male and female genitalia in a soothing matter-of-fact tone, and I would stare at her skin. She had a habit of resting her hand on her cheek, and this had the effect of pushing her skin into crepe-paper creases. I found this fascinating. I thought she was ancient. Many years later I realsised she was probably 50 at the time. Poor Mrs Grey Day. Who'd wanna be a teacher?

My favourite comment directed at me from a students is: "Gee, I bet you were good looking when you were young." And just lately, one of my students said I reminded her of the actress in Boston Legal. Turns out she was talking about Candace Bergen. I wonder how much work she's had done? I wonder how bloody old she is!

Life is a cruel mistress, but going to Byron Bay for the weekend isn't a bad way to wallow in one's own misplaced vanity.

Gotta whole lot of love... gotta whole lotta love...

PS: Sorry, no pics as off to airport and not working on my computer, which is broken

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