Monday, 1 August 2011

It's a sad day when the king of lane 8 gets promoted to lane 7

As I've said in a recent post, swim squad members know their place. I'm in the slowest lane, lane 8, which I share with a group of nice people who aren't too competitive. By this, I mean they aren't like the faster swimmers in lane 7 who pull out all stops to lead the lane in their quest to move into the stellar lane 8. 

So, today it was with great sadness that I farewelled my lane buddy Mr Really Big (with apologies to Candace Bushnell but I couldn't think of anything original because it's Monday and, the thing is, Mr RB is just that. He's easily six foot and quite stocky in a nice sort of 'Mr Big' way, which I'd never reveal to Spanner ... I'm rambling, so I'd better get back to the story).

Mr RB and I had a lot of fun in lane 8. I'd swim in his bubbly wake and tap his toes just to remind him that he was always in danger of being overtaken (it nearly killed me). Then he upped his squad attendance and before I knew it his toes were a distant memory as I struggled to even see his bubbles. 

Today Mr RB's hard work finally paid off. He started the morning in lane 8 but our coach quickly moved him into lane 7.

I must admit to feeling a sense of loss. No more fun for me.

After the one-and-a-half-hour session he was buggered! Mr RB and I are the same age, so I can understand why. Lane 7 is brimming with 20-somethings who have bucket-loads of energy and all the time in the world to swim, cycle and run.

Farewell Mr RB, maybe you'll return to lane 8 one day - after suffering a minor heart attack.

PS: I bet Mr RB will try to sneak back into lane 8 at the next squad session. It's a safe haven in a world driven by blind ambition.


Richard said...

I'll have to come to your pool to stir things up in your lane. I know some of the tricks to how steal seconds off your intervals, and how to slow down the faster swimemrs.

Shayne said...

Please share. I need all the help I can get.

Shayne said...
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Richard said...

Nothing too tricky. Just the old tricks of swimming hard the first few strokes to catch and draft off other swimmers feet and pushing off the wall early to improve your times. Making a slower swimmer lead the lane for a few laps so you can cruise. Obstructing the faster swimmers on the turns. The coaches love it. Actually it might get you thrown out of the squad, so best ignore my advice.
Probably better advice is just swim harder, and keep swimming hard every day even when you're hurting.