Wednesday, 10 August 2011

When the world is in turmoil there's only one thing to do: write a list

Sometimes it's hard to justify the existence of human kind. We're nasty buggers hell-bent on bringing the planet to its knees. 

I've been thinking long and hard (about 5 mins) about the messy state of the world and have had a breakthrough thought**. 

Here it is: if everyone learnt to swim and swam regularly the world would be a better place. Simple as...

I have contained my reasons for this in an easy-to-read list:

Compulsory swimming could potentially save the world because: 
* it tones and strengthens the muscles and doesn't involve any jarring movements.
* during laps, it's possible to meditate, think imaginative thoughts and plan the day ahead. 
* it burns off aggression and leaves the swimmer feeling calm and ready to take on the world in a nice and positive way, not in a destructive and negative way.
* it feels pretty sexy to plunge into silky water and pretend you're faster than a shark.
* it gets everyone together in the pool or at the beach. 
* it introduces people to the beauty and power of nature (when swimming in the ocean).
* it encourages people to appreciate what they've got and not what they haven't.
* it can be done by everyone from bubs to octogenarians.
* it's not about size - you don't have to be slim to swim. I get thrashed by people twice my size.
* you can swim without a limb. Seriously, some of the most accomplished ocean swimmers have a disability.


 **Definition of breakthrough thought: a fleeting moment of pure inspiration that, when reflected upon, turns out to be utterly ridiculous and implausible but still worth a mention in a blog that has 22 followers (one of them a dog).

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