Thursday, 1 September 2011

The end is in 5 billion years so let's swim

I heard an astronomer talking on the radio yesterday. He said Planet Earth would "evaporate" in 5 billion years when the sun finally petered out - but not before exploding in a spectacular fashion to take us with it.

Of course, I won't be around in 5 billion years. That's ridiculous. That's like, way beyond my pea-brain comprehension. But my guess is that we will have nuked our poor old abused planet well before its natural use-by-date.

Oddly enough, the thought of there one day not being anything made me feel really sad. So I booked a flight to the Gold Coast.

There are lots of ocean swims in incredible locations coming up in the next few months. I couldn't afford the Hamilton or Heron Island swims on the Great Barrier Reef. For the cost of the airfares, accommodation, etc... to get to those locations I could fly to the States and back on a seven day holiday package. And have money to spare.

The other value for money option was the swim at Burleigh Heads on the Gold Coast on October 23. It's a 2km swim along a lovely stretch of Queensland coastline.  Airfares to the Gold Coast are reasonably priced and there's loads of great accommodation that won't break the bank.

I know you can't beat the reef but this isn't half bad.

Find out more about the swim at:
or go to the Burleigh Heads Mowbray Park Surf Life Saving Club's website at:

I feel better now. Or I will soon. Possibly. But the 5 billion years is a killer. I won't dwell on it. I'll focus on sun, surf and sand... but not sand that gets into the crotch of your cossies or blows into your eyes. I want golden sand that doesn't move and isn't too hot underfoot... 5 billion years...


Richard said...

Burleigh is my favourite spot on the GC. Not going this year. Watch out for those turkeys in the Burleigh Heads NP.

Shayne said...

Not going? What a shame. I'm looking forward to it and will avoid all turkeys - human or not.

Richard said...

The brush turkeys on the headland will stalk you for food. No turkeys in the swim, it was well organised and relaxed when I did it. Miami masters will welcome you to join their squad Saturday arvo if you turn up at the Miami public pool. Check the pool for squad times. Burleigh SC and North Burleigh SC are both good for sundowner drinks and dinner. Slim chance I'll be there but probably not October is tough. Hanging out for the longer swims in November.