Friday, 6 April 2012

Good Friday is a time to reflect... but on what?

I hear really truly spiritual people talk and I'm filled with admiration. Some have made huge sacrifices to follow a spiritual path and are confident and committed enough to announce their allegiance (those who do it without forcing their views on anyone else are the ones I most admire). 

Late last year The Hiss and I attended the interfaith service at the Pitt Street Uniting Church in Sydney where we sang Christmas Carols with people from different denominations. I'm talking about religions like Islam, Hinduism, Catholicism, Anglican and probably others. 

In the middle of the service a relative of a woman who had died after a long battle with cancer told her story and lit a candle for her. Then everyone else was invited to light a candle and say a few words about whatever they wanted. I'm a bit of a cynic (understatement) and my first thought was, "Shite, we haven't got all day here people. This will take forever if the whole congregation decides to speak" followed by my own imaginings of how the whole thing would translate into a scene from a sitcom. 

It would be easy to take the piss. But it was my choice to be there and no one was pressuring me to participate. If you're interested, go to

The reason I took The Hiss along was to give her a sense of occasion. It was close to Christmas when the western world goes off its rocker - last minute shopping and trying to squeeze a year into a month - and people forget to care about each other. Sometimes it's important to slow down and consider your place on the planet. 

Which brings me to the ocean. 

At some point over the next two days I hope to get down to the beach. Maybe I'll sit and watch the waves, wonder at their power and magnificence, and offer up a little prayer for humanity, the little fishies in the sea (sharks too) and sentient creatures that walk the Earth. 

Peace be with you.

As-Salamu Alaykum.   

PS: It's the Bondi Bluewater Challenge on Easter Monday, one of the last swims before we head into an Australian winter (after a wet, cool summer).

PPS: I'm in a dilemma because I've been ranting on about caring for creatures on the planet but I just discovered a nest containing thousands of baby spiders on the back verandah. What do I do? My first reaction is to blast the crap out of them with fly spray. Should I let them all live? Should I let one survive, a la Finding Nemo? What would a really truly spiritual person do? 

PPPS: I've shown the spider creche to Precious Princess who thinks I (not she) should decimate them - and on, of all days, Good Friday.

Can't do it. I'll wait until Spanner gets home. 

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