Thursday, 31 May 2012

Mr June adds a hint of warmth to a chilly winter's day, and an announcement: Blog a dog (aka conversations with le chien)

I haven't posted for a while because it's cold and raining - again. No swimming in the darkened seas. All work. No fun for me. 

That's no excuse. After four years, I'm moving on from my swimming blog to focus more on conversations with my dog. The dog in my life is the only one who understands me. She uplifts and inspires. I would go so far as to call her an oracle. 

Cats get all the good publicity but they're not as smart as their smitten supporters make out. I am firmly on the side of team dog. Team cat has too many misguided followers who have been unwittingly sucked into the feline's magnetic fur field. Slaves to the cat, they scamper about madly, gorging social networks with videos of crazy cats involved in madcap antics.The thing is: cats are killers. Bell? What bell? I never hear the tinkling of bells around the necks of the cats in my middle-class suburban street. 

It's a cat conspiracy.

Now it's the dog's turn to shine through a series of eloquent quotes that I envisage will become a message of hope for humankind. 

But first up, here's Mr June. He's as cute as a button to this leg of mutton. 

 You can find Mr March, Mr April and Mr May in previous blogs. Worth a look.

PS: I think Google is going to shut me down because I'm using some sort of legacy blogger system and I'm having trouble re-setting my password, username, etc. So, this may be my final blog. Let's see what happens. Tomorrow is another day. Farewell, adieu...

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