Thursday, 3 May 2012

A mini swimming holiday to Byron Bay

Off to one of my favourite places in the world. Byron Bay.

I'm heading north with peeps Mr and Mrs Snorkel and Mrs Onyabike. This will be the fifth year in a row that Mrs Snorkel and I have dived into the Byron Bay Ocean Swim Classic. The others are hangers on.

We'll do the usual. Casual shopping, swimming, eating, drinking, a walk up to Byron Bay Lighthouse and a visit to the Sunday markets across the railway line.

I almost forgot - and the swim on Sunday morning.

I love it. Can't wait to hop on that jet plane to fly away from Sydney, if only for four days.

I just checked the weather in Byron. There's a grey cloud with two lightning streaks through it over Thursday (today), a grey cloud with rain drops under it over Friday and two bright unobscured suns over Saturday and Sunday. WOOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOOOOOOO! 

Leaving the family behind but Spanner, he don't mind.

Turn green with envy. Very green.

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