Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Mr August chills out, plus a reference to Olympic silver medallist Yohan Blake's $500,000 watch

Mr August is so cute but don't be fooled by the soft, downy facade .

With legs like that, I reckon he could pose a threat to Olympic legends Usain Bolt and Yohan Blake. Fortunately, for them, he prefers a more relaxed pace. If the Olympic powers that be recognise Greco Roman wrestling, synchronised swimming and shooting as legitimate sports worthy of inclusion in the games then why not introduce the 200m stroll?

Whatever; he's still a winner, baby. That's no lie. 

Speaking of Yohan Blake, I just heard that the Olympic silver medallist's watch cost a cool $500,000.

That much money could feed a village in Jamaica for a couple of years. 

Hopefully Yohan's already giving back to his people, and the watch is just a bit of bling that can be melted down in the future - if necessary.

On that serious note, I'd like to introduce the Man of the Month:


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