Monday, 20 August 2012

The QT Hotel in Surfers Paradise on the Gold Coast: a weekend of romance with a hacking cough

I flew to the Gold Coast last weekend for the Romance Writers of Australia annual conference at the QT Hotel in Surfers Paradise. I intend to write more about the conference on my Wordpress blog, which is dedicated to my writing ambitions (sadly, there's not a lot of action on that blog).

In the meantime, here are some pics of the amazing conference venue, the QT Hotel, and some nice shots of a benign beach - these are not the challenging conditions I've come to know and respect on the Gold Coast, where a strong current usually restricts my swim to the shallows. 

I swam on Sunday morning and it was calm, flat and clear. I'm not a huge fan of Surfers and my preference is to stay away from the sleazy, run-down town centre up the road at Broadbeach or even down the road at Burleigh Heads. But if you have to stay at Surfers, the QT is the place. It's one of the coast's older hotel's that's undergone a stylish refurbishment that's fun and funky. Enjoy the pics.

PS: I had a hacking cough all weekend. No fun. 

Beautiful weather in Surfers Paradise

Surfers Paradise: the beach is the best thing about it. The QT is the second-best thing; excellent accommodation and fantastic conference food!

Lobby at the QT in Surfers Paradise

QT Hotel, Surfers Paradise


Anita Joy said...

Besides the crazy fact you swam with your cough (and without your voice) in cold conditions (I refuse to believe the water could possibly have been warm), it was perfectly lovely to catch up again. Hugs x

Shayne said...


Darius Cartmell said...

The Romance Writers of Australia made the right choice to hold their conference at the QT hotel, Shayne. The place looks really quiet and cozy, not to mention, the colorful chandeliers which I find stylish! Though I wonder why there were only a few people in the pictures.

Shayne said...

Hi Darius,
They were all in the conference and I was nicking off.

Anonymous said...
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