Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Five excuses not to write the great Australian romance novel

I want to write the great Australian romance novel! I do! Seriously!

But here are five major obstacles (substitute excuses) preventing me from achieving my goal:

1. Paid work: Someone's gotta bring home the bacon and my partner isn't a judge, orthopaedic surgeon or property developer - say no more.

2. Dog: We bought Karma from the RSPCA five years ago on the proviso that the kids a. walk her at least once a day b. feed her c. wash her d. clean up after her - say no more.

3. House: I am not married to a judge, orthopaedic surgeon or property developer, therefore cannot afford a cleaner. Ditto for cooking, shopping, washing, ironing.

4. Children: The 18-year-old daughter, Petulant Princess (PP), and 12-year-old daughter, Miss Hissy, require 24/7 care. Eg: PP, who will be on her L plates until she's around 80, recently discovered the clubbing scene and pink fizzy drinks. Consequently, she requires a chauffeur to and from venues, plus regular vitamin-replacement therapy in the form of wholesome home cooking.

5. Blog: Say no more.


jennjmcleod said...

Priceless - now get writing LOL!!!!

Carol said...

Love it! Methinks I have been hearing something similar for years...maybe you can write the great Australian blog.