Tuesday, 17 March 2009

romance & swimming are oceans apart

After trying to work out how to combine the two in one blog, I have concluded that ocean swimming and romance writing don't mix.

I mean, are ocean-swimming afficionados at all interested in the internal struggles of an aspiring romance writer?

And do those followers of all things romantic give a toss about a group of nutbags offering themselves up as sharkbait to the great ocean god for a couple of months each year?

I think not.
After many sleepless nights (possibly caused by my guzzling on the cooking wine) I have decided to maintain All at sea for ocean swimming and to create another blog dedicated solely to my other passion - writing.

I'll keep you* posted.
*Who am I kidding? My good friend Ms Smug recently threw this well-intended comment my way: "I don't understand how people can get a kick out of writing something that no one else reads." I wonder if she was talking about me or those zillions of lonely souls who float about in the blogosphere in general? Anyway, if you are reading this Ms Smug you'll have to eat your words!

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