Monday, 21 June 2010

Perfect conditions for Mona Vale Cold Water Classic

The organisers of the Mona Vale Cold Classic got lucky yesterday with perfect conditions for Sydney's only mid-winter ocean swim.

About 250 punters turned up for the event. About one third of those chose to wear wetties, while the rest of us opted for the naked look - budgie smugglers for blokes and cossies for the chicks.

I didn't do a warm-up before the 10am start. Although the sun shone, it was still jumper weather and the nip in the air gave me goosebumps when the wind picked up.

The water was unbelievable. Cool and clear. It's hard to describe what it felt like after the initial plunge, when your breath is sucked out of you. After the swim, I felt as though I'd been cleansed. As if all the winter germs had been purged from my body.

During the swim, a tiny wave surprised me by slapping my face at the first can (I was afraid I'd lose my goggles again, like I did last year in very different conditions).

I also became mesmerised by the 'Avatar' green weed on the reef on the way out. Electric.
Stretching out parallel to the beach, the conditions were choppy, so I struggled to find a rhythm. Coming in at the end was a little confusing, as the suport crew were telling us to swim further along the beach, rather than veer straight towards the finish line. I think there was a rip in the way.

After the swim, my knees started to shake, but the complimentary cup of hearty vegetable soup warmed my pristine innards! The swim was advertised as 1.2 km, but someone said it was more like 1.4 km.

Now it's back to the indoors and gas heater. And back to the drawing board regarding my swimming routine. My time sucked. If only I could grow flippers.

Take a look at my pics of Mona Vale. Unfortunately, there's none of people swimming. For those, go to


Anita Joy said...

Shayne, you know how I feel about the cold, so I won't bore you with that again.

But when I read your blog I had to reread (as I always do when I come across it) the words 'lucked out'. I know today it means really lucky, but the words themselves just don't imply that. When I read/hear it I always then have to double take at what follows, because it doesn't match the preconceived outcome in my head.

Why couldn't lucked out have kept its original meaning - bad luck?

Shayne said...

mmm... something to think about Anita. Thanks.