Thursday, 26 January 2012

Australia Day and the Great Australian Swim at the Sydney Opera House: I beat Tony Abbott

A view across the harbour to Mrs Macquarie's Point from the Sydney Opera House
Part 4: I thumped the federal opposition leader Tony Abbott in the 2.2 km swim around Sydney Harbour on Australia Day (just between you and me, so did about 75 per cent of the swimmers in the event). 'Tone' posed for photos with anyone who asked. This is what I love about Australia - a pollie in his budgie smugglers posing for pics with Joe Bloggs and his kids. Where else does this happen? We're all as mad as cut snakes!

Who's got the best abs? Abbott or the bloke on the right? Though you couldn't get more right than our Tone

Part 3: I didn't think once about Bull Sharks in the harbour as I swam through murky salty water (it rained all night) to the first buoy located close to Mrs Macquarie's Point. I continued not to think about them as I continued onto Farm Cove (way too wide of the second buoy). And I definitely didn't entertain the thought that there could be at least seven of the nasty buggers* cruising at a leisurely pace beneath me as I made my way back towards the pontoon at the Sydney Opera House.

Part 2: The event was a shambles at the start. The organisers had set up A-K and L-Z lines for competitors to register, which is stupid when you have at least 500 punters arriving from 7am-8.15am to collect their timing devices and swimming caps. The queues were long, winding and haphazard. It took The Hiss and I at least half an hour to get our stuff.  

The Hiss poses in front of the Sydney Opera House
Part 1: The Hiss and I were dropped into Circular Quay on Sydney Harbour by the accommodating Spanner, who couldn't wait to get rid of us so he could do his own thing on this overcast and muggy Australia Day. The Hiss and I argued from the moment we arrived. I can't remember what we bickered about. 

*Last year there were seven tagged Bull Sharks in the harbour on Australia Day.


Angelina Tanguera said...

I presume the swim was before Tone insulted the indigenous people of Australia - always a good move on Australia Day!!

Shayne said...

Yep, you got it. He was probably pissed off at his poor performance in the big harbour pool and needed to vent.

Anonymous said...

meanwhile I was off squiring the little prince at a regatta. May be at his waterpolo amd sailing on Sunday rather than joining the crew trouncing the Federal Opposition Leader in the Palmy to Whalo swim on Sunday, Davo

Shayne said...

What? You're not doing Palmy to Whale?

Jenn J McLeod said...

Oh I am so over Tone. Do NOT get me started. Glad you beat him ;) And we are not all mad as cut snakes, only those who swim on miserable days with hungry sharks!
Jenn (who tip-toes on sand and squeals in waves)

Shayne said...

Jenn, I didn't point out that he wears this white shower mitt on one of his hands - a bit creepy like the late MJ. But I'm sure there's no connection. Maybe he exfoliates while he swims and that slows him down?

Nice to hear from you.

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