Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Bondi Beach can be bliss: swim squad at dawn

Any beach is beautiful at dawn but Bondi is extra 'spesh' because after the sun is up there's usually no peace for this slice of paradise.

Today I arrived well before swim squad started at 6am (check post from December 21, 2011, to find out what happens to those who arrive late) and soaked up the soft focus on a new day. 

There was no surf - flat as - and I reckon that's because poor old Bondi is still recovering from New Year's Day when hordes of hungover Irish, Pommy, Dutch and Scandinavian backpackers collapse onto its golden sands and fry themselves into carcinogenic chips (the South Americans head north to Manly to play beach volleyball). 

Dunno where the Americans go, though I suppose there's not many here because of the Australia/US currency rates (apologies to US readers of this blog but would you visit Australia when the Aussie dollar is so strong?* No bloody way. This is why there's so many bloody Australians over in the States. You must be really sick of us. We're everywhere, like a virus)

Back on topic... squad was wonderful. Chief coach Mr Mean was absent but his lovely girlfriend took the slower swimmers, myself included, on a swim from North Bondi to the Bondi club and back.  We also did a lot of 'lifting and looking', which I'll talk about in my next post.

Speak soon.

*I visited the USA on several occasions when the Australian dollar sucked so I suppose it shouldn't make much difference. 

Bondi on New Year's Day 2012


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Richard said...

Hey sounds like you're getting hooked on this open water training. What are you planning to do with the extra fitness you've got in your shoulders now ?
I can suggest some good swims coming up later this year ...