Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Let there be sex - but not right away

sex sex sex sex sex sex sex...

Sexy sexual sexuality sexiness sex-on-a-stick sexational sextet sex six sux (that's for New Zealanders) sex with the ex sexual healing sexploitation...

A while back I promised a post on S E X in romance writing.
Sex is all about making the reader wait and anticipate. Sex doesn't usually happen in the first chapter (unless you're writing erotica). That's a one-night stand.

The first sexual encounter in a romance novel starts with a kiss. But it's gotta be a fireworks-and-all precursor to the eventual nuclear-charged consumation. After the initial fiery locking of lips the sexual tension between hero and heroine heats up like a wok in a Thai restaurant and stretches to breaking point.

I'm about two thirds of the way through a Janet Evanovich novel (pure pulp plot-driven thriller) and the unlikely hero and heroine haven't done it yet, even though he's been trying with his hardest hard-on to get into her teeny-weeny pink undies since they first met.

The reader (moi) expects that sooner of later they'll get their gear off and go the whole hog. They better - that's the only reason I'm still reading!

So, as an unpublished yet-to-be-critiqued romance writer (aka wanker) my advice is to make 'em wait and salivate.

Sex - to be continued (I want to see if the Clustr map explodes/climaxes if I use the word SEX a lot in a post. God knows, my ego needs stroking or should that be poking?)


Anita Joy said...

How's that cluster map going Shayne? Lol.

It's the thrill of the chase, the romancing, the sparks that keep me reading - regardless of when the "sex" word slides in (hee hee).

jennjmcleod said...

You're hilarious!!!!