Monday, 15 June 2009

NO sex please - we're naked ocean swimmers and our bits are frozen

A couple of posts back, before I became preoccupied with SEX, I wrote about a 1.2km ocean swim coming up this weekend at Mona Vale on Sydney's Northern Beaches. It's called the Cold Water Classic.

If you live in the Northern Hemisphere, the days are getting warmer. In Singapore it's always hot and steamy.

But here in Sydney, Australia, we have a winter - of sorts. And now it's cold by Sydney standards. For the past month, temperatures during the day have hovered around 12 degrees Celsius. I know that's laughable to those of you used to sub-zero winter temperatures, but cut me some slack. It's snowing down south in Perisher Valley, NSW, and Mt Hotham, Victoria.

So, this swim at Mona Vale is a challenge for someone like me who lolls around in heated pools and, like an old cat, seeks out the sun on the back verandah to catch some winter rays.

But my bloody brother-in-law Davo is at it again. He has registered for the swim and is egging me on to enter, not in the 'wettie' (wetsuit) division, but the 'naked' (just togs). Of course I have to do it - because he is!

I went to the bible - - and looked at the entries so far. A rough count shows 20 wetties and 59 nakeds.

Naked wins every time. It's only natural.

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Anita Joy said...

'Naked wins everytime'

Naturally *wink*.

Good luck Shayne. In my younger days, when I was obviously a tad insane, I worked in Western Qld at a mine - which had a pool, and joined the polar bear club.

Should I mention the pool was outdoors, not heated? Every afternoon I went swimming at the end of my shift - all year. The water temperature in winter hovered at about the 3'C mark. I'd swim 1km and then have a very HOT shower.

Yep, must have been insane. You're lucky to get me in if the water is below 30'C these days, lol.