Thursday, 25 June 2009

Show pony gallops home after Mona Vale Cold Water Classic

Whaddya reckon?

This is a pic of my brother-in-law Davo, snapped by Mr Ocean Swims at

The reason I'm 'full' exposing Davo is because this pic helps illustrate our ocean swimming relationship. We're good mates and it's all grand, but there is an undercurrent of rivalry.

Davo usually beats me out of the water, and I'm cool with that (sort of).

But recently, the competition has moved from the ocean to the oceanswims website.

Up until last Sunday's Mona Vale swim, my photo had appeared twice on the ocean swimming bible, since I started swimming three years ago.

I was chuffed!

Davo only featured once - though his mug was on the website's homepage back in February after a chilly Bondi sprint (see pic right: 'frozen in time'. That's Davo).

But last Sunday, Mr Ocean Swims snapped Davo running along Mona Vale Beach to the finish line.
Not only did Davo get homepage billing with this shot, but it was used again in the photo gallery, with an ebullient photo caption: 'See you next year!'

It's a deceptive shot because Davo needed an intravenous paracetamol drip and a good lie down by the end of the swim. But he put on his 'this-is-a-piece-of-cake, mate' face and gave the royal wave.

And that did it for him. He is a self-proclaimed show pony. And, I might add, a fine figure of a man.

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