Friday, 19 June 2009

That's not a hunk - this is a HUNK!

My friend Mrs Onyabike was not happy when, several posts back, I used a pic of US actor Dylan McDermott to illustrate the stock-standard alpha male romance hero. She called poor old Dyl a "nancy boy".

Strong words indeed.

Mrs Onyabike does not suffer fools gladly, so I thought it wise to share her choice of romance hunk with my 14 loyal blog followers (includes one blind dog and a sea slug). She really should get her own bloody blog.

Mrs Onyabike would love to have her way with star of HBO series The Wire, Dominic West, who plays Officer James 'Jimmy' McNulty.

He is rather gorgeous and still manages to fulfill the romance hunk criteria - dark hair in abundance, chiselled features, strong jawline, generous lips, crooked smile (god, doesn't Stephenie Meyer overdo that one), dreamy smiling eyes that crinkle at the corners when he laughs - men's eyes can do that, but not women's.

Mrs Onyabike assures me the rest of him is hotter than the steam room at St Kilda Baths. Her words: "I just saw him with his shirt off in the last ep and realised it's NOT all over down below after all. Ya-hoo."

Please explain!

Just for the record, 'our very own' (Australians love saying that) Hugh Jackman is the poster boy for many romance writers, who refer to him as "Huge Ackman".

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