Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Passion: the secret ingedient in MasterChef Australia

In the wash-up following the phenomenal success of the reality TV show MasterChef Australia, one critic noted that the show succeeded because it was driven by passion.

The contestants loved cooking. Their everyday ordinariness disappeared when they entered the kitchen. There they thrived and bloomed as they devised or tweaked recipes, gathered and prepared ingredients and, finally, 'plated up' their meal for others to enjoy.

There wasn't a lot of ego there (except for Chris - and I reckon that's one of the reasons he didn't get the crown). The contestants were generous people and their passion for food was all about giving, not taking.

It's all about passion. And giving.

PS: photo from The Age newspaper


Anita Joy said...

Absolutely Shayne - and nice judges! Who didn't rely on sarcasm, nastiness or bignoting themselves to become popular.

Shayne Collier said...

I agree Anita. I loved the judges.