Sunday, 12 July 2009

A rave about the JJJ Hottest 100 of all time and The top rating TV show Masterchef

Forget the G8, Kim Jong Il's obsession with nuclear weapons and all the fuss around the Middle East and the GFC (no, it's not about chicken).

Here in Australia, the land of "no worries, she'll be right mate", we've been glued to radio JJJ's Hottest 100 of all time and the final countdown in Network Ten's reality show, Master Chef.

I breathed a sigh of relief when Nirvana's Smells Like Teen Spirit and Jeff Buckley's version of the Leonard Cohen masterpiece Hallelujah topped the JJJ poll in first and second place respectively. But I am puzzled that an ordinary tune from Rage Against The Machine, Killing in the name, came in at number 3.

It just shows there's lots of Resch's drinking bogans out there with nothing better to do (that's the GFC for you) than cast multiple votes for their fave beer-swilling, head-banging anthems. Boring.

However, I was happy that Joy Division's ode to self-harm Love will tear us apart was number 4. I still clearly recall laying in the foetal position on a flea-infested lounge listening to Transmission back-to-back with Morrison Hotel in a share-house in the early '80s. Happy days.

But now I'm approaching senility, Masterchef Australia hits all the right buttons.

The show is rating off its crispy-skinned bottom. The contestants are cooking up a storm for the chance to win $100,000, a cookbook deal and something else (can't remember, but it's good).

It's an excellent show, but the irony is that most Australians barely know how to barbecue a snag and the idea of good night out is *Macca's, a bucket of KFC (yep, that's sort of like chicken) or Subway for something healthier.

Still, this week I'll be rooting for my favourite contestants - Julie (I have a feeling she'll be booted off), Justine with the big cow eyes, Julia and Poh.

That leaves the two boring male competitors. Can't remember the first one, but Spanner likes Chris. I think he's an arrogant Melburnian (what else is new?) who can only cook a lump of meat. Give him anything complicated and he falls apart.

It's a man thing.

*G'day to any Americans reading this. You will feel right at home when visiting our lovely country


Monique Wood said...

I like Justine the best, and Julie is great, but she can't handle the pressure very well. Chris is a bit pompous.

I hate cooking, but I love to eat. I enjoy watching cooking shows, and watching people prepare food for me, but I don't like doing it myself. If only I could afford a personal chef!

Anyway, nothing wrong with Macca's and KFC. When you have kids, it's the perfect shut-me-up! And when you're renovating, sometimes cooking takes a back seat, especially when you're working on the house all say and the kitchen is trashed.

Sandie Hudson said...

I like Justine, I think she's great. Julie is another one I like, but I'm not sure she has what it takes.
I'm hoping Chris goes before the final night, he needs bringing down a peg or two, and I hope he is booted before Julie. Not that I'll hold my breath.

Shayne Collier said...

Hi Mon, Sandie

Mon: Maccas et al serve a purpose for families. I was there today for my daughter's 13th - after Harry Potter we took her friends there. Cheap and cheerful. Where else could I take eight 13-year-olds for less than $20?

Sandie: Totally agree!