Saturday, 22 August 2009

A new season between winter and spring

It's hard a hard slog at this time of the year - work is frantic, so there's no time to write (except the bloody blog!) and the ocean swimming season is yet to start (unless you can afford the time and money to jet off to swims in Fiji and Vanuatu).

So, let's talk about the weather. I heard about a movement in Australia to introduce a new season between winter and summer. August is the perfect place for it. Although it is still technically a winter month, the weather can be highly unseasonal.

For example, yesterday was distinctly balmy. The breeze blowing off the river was as warm as a Latin lover's caress (can't help the cliched romance writer in me).

This unexpected change in the weather catches Sydneysiders offguard. Suddenly we're sweltering under the weight of woollen jackets and scarves.

I nominate August as the transition month from winter to spring. Some smarty pants wants to call it 'sprinter', while another suggests 'snot' - it 'snot summer and it 'snot winter.

"God, it's hot, it must be 'snot!"


jennjmcleod said...

Balmy? Bloody awesome up here in Coffs. Thrity degrees. Loooooooove it! (The weather thast is, not the snot!

Shayne said...

Yeah, Coffs would be bloody awesome. Youse northerners are into one-upmanship!!!!!

Anita Joy said...

Lucky I'm in Brissie hee hee. Going to one-up you all. Supposed to be 33 here today *wink*

Shayne said...

Now it's blowing a gale in old Sydney town! We can't win!