Wednesday, 5 August 2009

A rant about the Rees Labor government in NSW and why they're a bunch of thugs

I live in a state of resignation.

What I'm talking about here is New South Wales, a state run by a bunch of eejits who pretend to listen to the concerns of the public, but then blithely ignore them.

In the end, the public just lays down and takes the kicks to the guts inflicted by a gang of rampaging ratbags.

I do not like the NSW Premier Nathan Rees and his bunch of thug-like helpers, who are no more sincere than a used car salesman and have the collective brainpower of a nightclub bouncer.

Example: to and from my work in the city, I cross the Iron Cove Bridge at Rozelle. For a long time there was a fiery debate about whether to add another lane to the bridge. Logic says it's a stupid idea because it won't solve the horrendous peak-hour traffic problems. Drivers will simply be caught in a bottle neck at either end of the bridge. Lots of clever people came up with solutions, which mostly involved public transport.

But god forbid! NSW is part owned by the Roads and Traffic Authority (RTA) - this is my opinion - and it is not in this monolith's interests to promote anything as forward-thinking as a competent public transport system.
The government did not listen to the people or heed any of the wise advice. An extra laneway is now under contruction.

Every day the people of NSW watch the Rees government hand out jobs to their mates and suck on the public purse like a leech.

The sad thing is the opposition's no better.

Oh, well. At least it's a sunny day.


Anita Joy said...

At least you found a positive (it's a sunny day) :o) Bugger about the roadworks. Brissie is a shocker for them. you woldn't believe how many years most of our roads have been under construction (the main road out of my suburb has been under heavy construction work for at least 3 years lol)

Shayne Collier said...

Thanks Anita - glad to hear it's not the only state in a mess!