Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Thanks for popping in: thoughts on birds

Before this latest rant, I'd like to say a big hello (sorry, can't bring myself to say "g'day") to everyone in the USA, UK, Canada, India, Hong Kong, Russia (is that you Fiona?) Malaysia and the Netherlands who persevere with my eccentric ramblings.

It's been quiet on the romance writing and swimming fronts so tonight I've resorted to alcohol. It sort of fits in with the whole Aussie image - laid-back and alcoholic (and obnoxious and overbearing when we're pissed).

On birds: I was standing at a bus stop in the middle of the city this afternoon when I heard a piercing squawk.

Looking up, I saw a sulphur-crested cockatoo perched on the roof of a three storey building. He was agitated because his mate was nowhere in sight. Eventually, he flew away through the heart of the city.

It surprised me that I seemed to be the only person to show any interest in this rare sight amongst the concrete and glass skyscrapers. Maybe that's what city life does to people - desensitises them to the odd, beautiful and unusual.

Back home, a 15 minute drive from town on a good day, another thrill awaited. A kookaburra decided to hang out on the back verandah railing (the dog was inside). For several minutes, Miss Hissy, Spanner and I observed this amazing creature. It was a boy kooka - his wing feathers had a deep blue sheen. His mate was around - she landed in a tree beside our house and cackled a little - not a full-throttled laugh - before they both left.

The great Louis Armstrong was so right - what a wonderful world.

The pic is of the girl kookaburra - she wasn't as good looking as her hubby but she had attitude!


Anita Joy said...

Great pic Shayne. Sit back, chill and enjoy the drink :o)

You gotta feel sorry for all those city folk who forget to take the time to smell the roses - or spot the lone cockatoo.

Anonymous said...

Feathers and romance. That's even better than the beard. Danny-Boy