Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Red skies over Sydney

It's just after 6am and the air in Sydney is thick with red dust. Gale-force winds have blown it across the drought-afflicted interior.

I woke to the acrid smell of dirt in my nostrils.

Someone on talk-back radio called it 'orange fog'. But fog is still.

The wind isn't blowing this red fog away, it's bringing it in.
Apparently, it's raining mud in the Southern Highlands.

It is eerie. Apocalyptic.

I have to go to work. There'll be havoc on the roads.
The two photos were taken from my upstairs verandah.
Days like these... I'd rather forget!


Monique Wood said...

Gosh, it looks awful! Reminds me of that Christmas a few years ago when we had those really bad bushfires. The sky was orange.

I'm stuck at home with the kids because most parents aren't sending them to school today. The little devils are already climbing the walls. Aargh! That's why I'm hiding in the study *vbg*.

Anita Joy said...

Wow. It is eerie.

I remember a photo from outback Qld a few years ago where half the photo was blue sky and the other half a red wall as a dust storm approached.

We have gale force winds here in Brissie, but no red dust - although we have been warned of a dust haze developing...

Shayne said...

Hi Mon and Rach,

There is a layer of red dust over everything. I'm just relieved I hardly clean the house anymore! Fancy doing all that dusting to find you've wasted your time.