Tuesday, 29 September 2009

The desert's come to town, now we're going to the desert

My eldest daughter Precious Princess (PP) and I are heading to to outback Australia for five days.

We are going to THE ROCK.

It's a first for both of us. After this trip to Alice Springs and Uluru, we can truly claim to be deadset dyed-in-the-wool, I've-been-everywhere-man Aussies.

PP will be sacrificing at least three nights of clubbing at Kings Cross and Darlinghurst with her BFFs. This will probably nearly kill her.
Fancy having to get up at dawn each day and be in bed before 3am!

She asked me if she could take the laptop so she could do uni work. Unbelievable. We're on a friggin' journey into the Red Centre and there's PP on Facebook, or catching up on late assignments as the sun sets over Uluru.

I made it clear there will be no laptop.

This trip could swing both ways - huge mother daughter bonding success or massive failure.

"OMG, a dingo ate my 18-year-old!"

PS: This blog will return on October 6. Thanks for your continued support.


Anita Joy said...

ROFL - you crack me up Shayne. Hope you survive your mother-daughter bonding trip. Look forward to hearing all about it when you return.

Monique Wood said...

Have a safe trip! Hope you take a notepad and jot down some notes/ideas. I can feel a story coming on!!!

:-) Mon